If you’ve been friends with us for a while – or if you’ve read any news about gut health in recent years — you know how important bacterial diversity is in the gut! In our modern environment, where so many things can deplete healthy bacteria in the gut – pesticides and herbicides, especially glyphosate; human and livestock antibiotics; NSAIDs – it is especially important to keep your gut healthy with RESTORE, and then to get outside and BREATHE.

The optimal healthy human gut contains 20,000-30,000 different species of bacteria. The typical probiotic contains 3-24 species, with billions of copies, so chronic probiotic supplementation can lead to an excess of relatively few species. Eating fermented foods and eating low on the food chain can help, but that’s not where the real magic happens.

Zach Bush MD
Founder and CEO of Biomic Sciences, LLC, producer of the RESTORE supplement product line.

Where does diversification of the microbiome come from?

The bacteria that populate our guts come from the natural environment all around us, and especially through breathing. It is critical to get outside and “see ecosystem” in our day, rather than shuffling from an air-conditioned home to an air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned office.

Different natural environments – the forest, the beach, your garden – provide opportunities to take in new and different species of bacteria. AND petting your dog, walking barefoot on the earth, weeding and even eating directly from your garden – all these also contribute diversity to that critical microbiome.