This is an exciting time in medicine. There’s a huge move toward more natural, complementary, and alternative approaches to health and wellness. Consumers are more educated and aware, and are looking for options for themselves, their families and parents, and the science world is exploding with new findings. Gut and digestive health is one area that is particularly booming. In the past few years, a growing body of well-developed scientific research has uncovered gut health as one of the cornerstones of optimal health. We know, for a fact, that when our gut is unhealthy, we cannot be truly healthy.

As a scientist and board-certified physician in three disciplines, I was “trained” to believe in treating symptoms. However, over the years I’ve come to understand that one does not treat disease or illness; rather, one strenghtens the body’s natural defenses to maintain a healthy immune system, the crux factor in optimal health. We’ve come to understand that the immune system is truly the gatekeeper for total health. The evidence is clear; a weak immune system has been shown to lead to numerous critical illnesses. People think if they do not get sick with the flu or some kind of infection that they can visibly see, that they have a good immune system. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A healthy immune system lies in the core fibers of our body. Breakdowns often do not evidence themselves until it’s too late, when critical illness appears. This “aha” moment – that true total health lies in a healthy immune system, and a healthy gut — led me to develop the science behind RESTORE™, and work with an amazing team of professionals in science and business to bring it to market.

RESTORE is our gut’s firewall of protection against infection, damage from environmental and food-borne toxins. Developed by a team of scientists from some of the most prestigious universities in the country, it is a scientifically-proven plant-derived mineral supplement designed to support protection of the intestinal walls. Seventy percent of our immune system, the body’s first line of defense, lies in our intestinal tract. We need 20,000-30,000 different strains of good gut bacteria to help the immune system function normally, which is a far cry from most humans’ gut flora. Environmental toxins, gluten, GMOs, commercial agricultural herbicides, and widespread antibiotic use in humans and in livestock damage the gut and allow these toxins to weaken the immune system. When these toxins leak out through the gut wall, the immune system breaks down, and the toxins can attack every organ in the body.

RESTORE is neither a probiotic nor a prebiotic. A probiotic is a supplement designed to increase “healthy” bacteria in our gut, but most supplements on the market only deliver up to 30 strains of gut bacteria. We need 20,000-30,000. RESTORE creates the environment for tens of thousands of strains of good gut bacteria to flourish. The new buzzword is prebiotics, which also provide support to the injured gut, but don’t work directly on the “tight junctions” in the gut wall that lead to leaking toxins RESTORE actually strengthens the protective wall in the gut lining to ensure that damaging toxins do not leak through and harm the immune system.

Our team is extremely excited about the potential for RESTORE. It is important for people to know that RESTORE produces a medically-significant outcome. My patients, who use the product every day, get better.

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Here’s to your health!