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Individual results and the timing of those results can vary based on many factors.

“The product RESTORE has brought me greater mental clarity and ease throughout the day, reducing the mind chatter which caused greater stress and discouragement. These discouraging thoughts are gone. The body is feeling calmer and less emotional, with greater sense of wellbeing.”

— Gary Gilman, November 2017

“RESTORE is the only product that I have tried with such clearly discernable positive effects. I’m blown away! Thank you for making this! :-)”

–Eric Gerhardt, November 2017

“In just two weeks, I went from not knowing anything about RESTORE (and being quite skeptical of all nutritional supplements) to being a believer. Beyond the safety of the product, I looked at the limited data available which does support the claims of what is happening at the tight junctions of the gut. Convinced of its safety and the general premise of the science, my husband and I started to use the product as directed about 10 days ago. The results have been incredibly positive. It has been literally YEARS since I slept so well, and the joy it brings me is indescribable. Within a week of starting RESTORE, my husband Scott slept better than he has in decades, has a calmer stomach and more energy. We both offer our sincere ‘thanks’!”

You have a beautifully simple approach to changing the trajectory of health in our country, and you are addressing a key gap in the traditional method of dealing with an intensifying health crisis. The whole concept of equipping our bodies to do what they were so well designed to do really resonates with us. We are thrilled to be on this journey!”
— Cindy Fallon and Scott Fulton, October 2017

“My husband and I and our son have been taking Restore for about seven months. My husband’s neurologist and his DO recommended he take Restore, slowly building up to the two teaspoons he tolerates at present. His gut has been going through such an amazing transformation. All tests were negative for parasites, and his DO concluded that he is eliminating some of the unwanted tissues lining his gut wall because of taking Restore. We have been amazed at what he has eliminated, and are hopeful this means his gut is getting healthier.

All of us have had our bowels become regular again — my son after about one month at 1 tsp a day before breakfast, swish and swallow. After three months of being on Restore 1 tsp before breakfast, I no longer experience diarrhea, bloating, gas, constipation or the need for special dietary enzymes or even probiotics.

I have given all my friends and some of my relatives Restore as gifts. All of them have found it to be a very helpful tool on their road to better health. My mother’s testimony now includes Restore as the reason she has so much energy. She will be 76 in May and is a regular volunteer at the local hospital.

My husband calls your product “Rejoice” because he sings its praise to all who will listen, because of how much it has helped him.”
— Katrin Schultze, March 2017

“When I was in my teens, I had a bad complexion. My mom felt sorry for me, and she took me to see a general practitioner, who put me on high-dose antibiotics indefinitely. After a year or two, my body began rejecting the antibiotics and I began having an allergic reaction and digestive issues. Nothing seemed to help. I went on a journey trying just about every probiotic on the planet and experimenting in varying quantities. Did they help? Not at all.

Then about three months ago, while doing more research, I found a supplement called Restore. I was skeptical at first, mainly because I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with everything else I’ve tried and wasted my money on. But I can honestly say, without a doubt, that Restore is the first supplement I’ve tried in over 40 years of searching that has really, truly, and honestly helped my digestive issues, caused from taking high-dose antibiotics 40+ years ago!!! It was a miracle for me! Now, I take Restore every day, my stomach is happy, and I’m happy!

I also give my children Restore to help protect them from the onslaught of harmful chemicals found in our food today.”
— James Obst, March 2017

“I’ve been using the nasal spray for a couple of days and cannot thank you enough. It is wonderful. Thank you, thank you!”
— Nancy Thompson, January 2017

“I wanted to give you an update on the RESTORE. I’ve been taking it for a few weeks now. I never really felt bad on a daily basis, unless I was coming down with something, but now I feel great!!!!!!! Placebo effect? I don’t think so. I have noticed a clearer head, a MUCH clearer head, more energy (although that was noticed by others who pointed it out to me), but the most evident thing is belly bloating — it’s not happening, at least not nearly as much. I would say 70% improvement. I was told my issue was hormonal, or a reaction to the things I was eating, etc. Never could pinpoint the cause, but it’s becoming less and less.”
— Maria Yansen, January 2017

“Love your product! I was having a hard time balancing my gut while dealing with gluten intolerance. My system was being quite finicky and sensitive. Since using Restore, if I slip a little bit with the gluten while eating out, my system is not finicky, and I don’t have to worry about horrible after-effects. It’s made my life a lot easier! Thanks again for such a great product!”
— Karen Slayton, January 2017

“Restore has been nothing less than a miracle for me. I have been on Restore for 23 days and my digestion has improved 95%. My head is clearer and my energy level is way up. I am taking 25% of the GERD medication I was taking before. My two adult kids and several people in my office are on Restore with very good results. This is a great product. Thank you!!”
— Jeffrey Filhaber, December 2016

“Restore has been something of a lifesaver for me. Having delved into so many diets, supplements, and a wide range of alternative medicines, I’ve finally found some success and a long-term solution for my health. Since college, many foods — especially grains — gave me digestive issues. Restore offers a totally new pathway to counteract so many of the outside forces that were affecting my gut health.

Here are some of the benefits I experienced: solid, consistent bowel movements after a week and a half; improved tolerability of grains; relief from brain fog; nasal passages don’t block up as much; less gas and bloating with certain foods; a general feeling of being uplifted; increased energy; and increased clarity of mind and concentration.”
— Matt Menger, November 2016

“I found out about Restore from a friend, also a healthcare practitioner, who uses it with her family and has seen amazing changes in her health and her kiddos health. We have all seen decreased bloating, improved digestion, more tolerance of gluten and other foods we encounter when dining out or at friends’ homes, improved behavior and cognition and what seems to be a calmer nervous system.”
— Amy Love, Real Food Whole Health, November 2016

(Amy Love has been compensated as a blogger to promote Restore. Amy also has personally used, and is an actual consumer of Restore dietary supplement, and the above testimonial was unsolicited.)

“Your product is a Godsend. I learned about Restore from my diet coach and both my wife and I decided to try it. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Thank you so much. I tell everyone that they should be using Restore.”
— Joseph Daly, September 2016

“My son is three months’ shy of his third birthday. I heard positive results from friends who had heard of Restore and decided to give it a try. Not only did my son’s BMs completely balance out within two weeks, but he also went from being nonverbal to reciting his ABCs and numbers (1 to 100), singing full songs, and saying up to three-word sentences in conversations with me and other close adults. I am in awe of what Restore has done for my son and had to seek out an area to write out a testimonial so others could benefit. Thank you, Restore!”
— Savannah Slone, September 2016

“I have listened to Dr. Pompa a lot and Dr. Bush was a guest, and I was so interested in what he had to say. I bought Restore, and within three weeks or less I wasn’t worrying about what I ate and my face was clear. I love Restore. Restore has taken the stress out of eating.”
— Tricia Hardy, September 2016

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself in my life; I mean this. I’m feeling wonderful — getting more strength with each day. My neighbor cannot believe the change in me. He bought two bottles for himself and his wife. My son and his wife are taking Restore too! I’m telling the world!!!”
— Ginny Regopoulos, August 2016

“This product saved my life! ‬ After tons of nightly research, I listened to Restore seminars that brought me to the conclusion to give Restore a try. After using Restore 3x a day before each meal, I found it to be true for me — this was my answer. Restore was the added bonus to give me the strength and brain power to accomplish my new goals. It only took a month to work for me! Now I can’t live without it. Made by doctors and scientists. It’s not a placebo — it’s real!!‬

‪It’s really not expensive, three teaspoons a day x 32 oz is just pennies! I’m more alert — Life is good! This is the best thing since sliced gluten-free bread!!‬”‬‬
— Ginny Regopoulos, June 2016


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