Bitter, icy winds and long, dark nights have us at Team RESTORE dreaming of soft spring days and blooming flowers. We can’t wait for the days where we can get outside every day and really make the most of our efforts to live healthy lives connected to nature. In our excitement, we asked our team members for some of their favorite ways to get ready for spring. Here are 3 fantastic ways to bring spring into your home today! 

Starting a garden this year? Your leftover RESTORE bottles can help. 

We currently use BPA-free plastic to bottle RESTORE, though we are always searching for the best eco-friendly alternatives, and we always applaud our customers for finding ways to recycle their old bottles to reduce waste. One of our team members suggested a way that we love: 

  • Cut your RESTORE bottle in half. 
  • Fill the bottom half with rich organic soil. 
  • Start your organic and heirloom garden seeds right in your RESTORE bottle! 
  • Transplant seedlings into your garden as usual or use your RESTORE planter for growing herbs indoors! 

What better way to get an early taste of spring? Here’s a little bonus: saving a few bucks on expensive planting trays will make your garden that much more worth it! As you’re planting your seeds, breathe deeply and imagine your garden thriving in the sunshine. You’ll get the benefits of meditation and the microbiotic benefit of getting in direct touch with the soil. 

Speaking of gardening, plants love RESTORE!

Once you’ve got your seeds planted, show them a little extra love by giving them a couple of drops of RESTORE once a week. Or, you can dispense some RESTORE into a spray bottle and lightly mist the soil. Think about the staggering amount of microbiotic life in just that little bit of soil and how much they would love some RESTORE in their lives! 

Imagine walking through a forest on a misty spring morning. The sounds, smells, and feel of everything returning to life are all around you and restore you with every breath. Invigorating, isn’t it? The effect plants and the microorganisms that live on them have on our health is amazing. It’s why we so strongly encourage everyone to get outside and in touch with the earth as much as possible. But we know winter is not for everyone, and it can be difficult for many of us to find the motivation to get in touch with nature in the bitter cold. If spring is still just too far away, you can easily bring the magic of nature right into your own home. 

Get some air-purifying houseplants (don’t forget to give them some RESTORE, too!) 

In 1989, NASA found that plants and their associated microorganisms were able to reduce indoor air pollutants. While there are appliances that are made to remove toxins from the air, we would recommend a mix of plants instead, as studies have shown plants can provide benefits like: 

  • Increased mood 
  • Enhanced concentration, memory, and productivity
  • Reduced pain, discomfort, stress and fatigue 

As your new plants outgrow their small store-bought pots, try recycling leftover 32oz bottles of RESTORE to transplant them into! 

NASA recommends two or three plants in 8 to 10-inch pots for every 100 square feet. Some plants are better at removing certain irritants than others, so do some research on what plants might bring you the most benefit. The Areca palm, money plant, and spider plant are some of the most popular and they are safe for homes with pets. Just remember: just like in nature, context is everything. A variety of different plants could bring more benefit than just one. Be sure to give your houseplants a little RESTORE every once in a while, too! 

Days are getting longer, minute by minute. Spring is on the way! Creative and environmentally-conscious projects like these can not only be a fun diversion for you and the family, they can serve to remind us that RESTORE is about more than just a healthy gut. RESTORE is an important piece of soil health that is increasingly missing from our modern chemical world. Please, from all of us at Team RESTORE, take every chance you can to get outside and in direct contact with nature. Your attention to building a healthy microbiome in and around your body can have a massive, lasting impact on not just your health, but the world’s!