When you hear the phrase “gut health,” your first thought might be of the stomach or intestines, perhaps even accompanied with digestive comfort. In reality, the “gut” and its partner in health, the microbiome, are at the root of wellness for your entire body. The gut does include the entire digestive tract. But believe it or not, the gut actually starts in the nasal cavities! Have you ever thought about a microbiome living in your nose?  

Breathe in Life 

Most of us go through the day not thinking about how much we interact with the microscopic life that exists all around us. Every time we breathe, we are taking in microbiota from our surroundings. Our nasal cavities and sinuses are directly interacting with our environment, every second of the day. Anything we smell, any toxins we are exposed to, any dust or pollens in the air; they all make first contact with your gut microbiome through your nasal passages. 

Just like in your intestines, if the gut lining in your nasal passages is compromised by environmental toxins, it loses its integrity. A damaged gut lining exposes the immune system to whatever passes through the gut. Toxins, undigested food, and environmental triggers, like dust in the sinuses, can overwhelm the immune system, exhausting it as it combats the threat. The result is inflammation, which is the root cause of most chronic conditions. 

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Inflammation in the sinuses can be painful and irritating. And resulting sneezing, headaches, and coughing interferes with most activities. Millions of people experience these symptoms, especially during the dreaded allergy seasons. Sinus season comes every spring and autumn, when many plants release irritating pollens into the air. 

Relief for Your Nasal Microbiome 

So, what’s the easiest way to relieve irritation in the sinuses? Treat the gut lining in your nose with the same care that you do the gut lining in your intestines! RESTORE liquid supplement helps keep the strength of the gut lining intact, creating an environment where the microbiome can thrive. In the sinuses, RESTORE Sinus Spray acts much in the same way. It is the same formula as the liquid supplement, but when delivered as a spray, you can: 

Cleanse, soothe, hydrate, and support! 

  • Cleanse:  
  • RESTORE Sinus Spray rinses away irritating particles from the sensitive tissue in the sinuses. 
  • Soothe:  
  • Cleansed of dust, pollen, and other irritants, these sensitive membranes can relax. 
  • Hydrate:  
  • Just like in the intestines, the gut lining in the nasal passages helps to regulate hydration. Dehydrated sinuses can often lead to painful nose bleeds! 
  • Support: 
  • Get a head start with RESTORE Sinus Spray and support your microbiome the way you always have with our liquid supplement! 

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Getting outside as often as possible is fantastic for your health; don’t hide away indoors for fear of sinus season! Take the opportunity to breathe in the life around you, knowing that RESTORE Sinus Spray can easily fit in a pocket or bag for outdoor adventures!