Our RESTORE product is exactly the same amazing formula as always! To simplify understanding of Terrahydrite™ and “Stabilized Lignite Extracts,” we at RESTORE have been working through regulatory compliance pathways to bring clearer language to this new category of supplement. Our newly approved labels use the term “Aqueous Humic Substances” as a better description than lignite extract, referring to humic substances in purified water as the primary raw ingredient. The trademarked name Terrahydrite refers to our proprietary combination of humic substances with less than 1% mineral amino acid complexes, to create the stabilized active ingredient.

Because the trace minerals and amino acids in RESTORE are naturally occurring in the humic substances and other soil-derived ingredients, and because they comprise less than 1% of the total formula, we have eliminated the listing of individual trace minerals. They are neither a significant dietary source of minerals, nor are they present in sufficient quantity to be a factor for individuals sensitive to certain minerals. For any trace mineral in RESTORE, there are common foods containing much higher concentrations. All are present in few parts per million, about the concentration you would find in a sweet potato skin. (Having said that, however, trace minerals are important!)

Mass spectroscopy shows our US source of the primary soil-derived active ingredient to be a very pure source of the carbon-based bacterial metabolites that, combined with our other soil-derived ingredients, constitute the Terrahydrite active ingredient. RESTORE is free of the heavy metals that are of common concern in mineral supplements. In compliance with California’s Prop 65 legislation, we regularly test RESTORE for levels of mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium.