RESTORE Gut Health

restore gut health
RESTORE is a scientifically developed, soil-based mineral supplement that supports the body’s own healing power, the immune system, and gut health. The immune system maintains a balance of good gut bacteria that is critical to stay healthy.

Restore gut health and learn how to stay healthy

Maintaining a healthy immune system is vital to overall health. Seventy percent of our body’s first line of defense – our immune system – is in our gut lining, which if spread out would equal the size of a tennis court. An optimal healthy gut contains 20,000 to 30,000 different strains of bacteria, which help support a healthy environment for every organ of the body. Restore’s Lignite Extract is scientifically developed to support protection of the intestinal walls and help create an environment where our good gut bacteria can thrive, to maintain the strength our immune system and gut flora needs to function as Mother Nature intended to stay healthy.
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