Humanity is at a Turning Point 

Imagine the entire life of our planet condensed into a twelve-month calendar. An unimaginable amount of time visualized as just one year. Earth begins on January 1st with no life to be found. As the months pass, billions of years rush by. Life appears and gradually develops from single-celled organisms to fungi to the very first flowers. Our ancestors take their first upright step at 11:30 AM on December 31st

Just over 12 hours later, at 11:59:58 PM, the industrial revolution begins. In the search for “progress”, humanity pulls further away from nature than ever before.  

The billions of human lives that have ever existed are just a blink compared to the life of our planet. It is right now, in the milliseconds before the new year of life on Earth, that we find ourselves at a turning point.  

A Solution at Our Feet 

Disconnecting from nature has led us to a time of crisis. Human health epidemics, mismanagement of environmental resources, and destructive food systems are all symptoms of forgetting the beautiful intelligence of nature in our drive toward the future.  

At the root of every crisis is an innovative solution. We work every day at RESTORE to seek out those root-cause solutions. And in seeking out these innovations, it is our ultimate goal to no longer be needed. 

Possibly the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced is feeding an ever-growing population. Industrial farming began as an exciting endeavor to face that challenge, but the repercussions have been: 

  • Billions of kilograms of carcinogenic chemicals poured into our soils 
  • Farmers trapped in an economic system that keeps them in debt 
  • The loss of nutrition in the food we eat and feed our families 

These devastating circumstances have resulted in many of the health crises we face today. RESTORE provides an ancient solution to a decimated microbiome and a path back to a life connected to nature. It is unlike anything else, but it is just the first step.  

Put Us Out of Business 

From our labs in Charlottesville, Virginia, we develop unprecedented technologies that bring nature’s intelligence to the root of humanity’s most pressing problems. We have always known that RESTORE is just the beginning. The health of growing children benefits highly from a greater connection to nature, and so we launched Magic Dirt Water. We formulated LumaPet for the gut health of our most loyal companions. LumaShield, currently in development, helps defend the health of our livestock from the stresses and harms of industrial livestock farming.  

Profits from sales of these technologies further help fund the groundbreaking docuseries Farmer’s Footprint. Farmer’s Footprint and the associated nonprofit, Planet Earth Home, have sparked a true grassroots movement. This movement provides a way for farmers to break free from conventional agriculture and move to regenerative agriculture, a system that allows our farmers to rebuild the health of the soil while also gaining financial freedom. 

Your purchases of RESTORE and donations to this project directly support: 

  • Hands-on education that scales to the needs of farmers 
  • Research and development of new farm resources
  • Direct grant support for farmers on the regenerative pathway 

These root-cause solutions developed by Team RESTORE are just the beginning. Expect to hear more about our other innovations addressing crises in energy, healthcare, information security, and more. We hope these solutions will put us out of business. We work every day for a world without these problems, a world where we never forget the intelligence of nature or the power of humanity to spark positive change.