You might eat organic, grass-fed, farm-to-table. You might be shopping at all the right places and eating at all the right restaurants, but are you still thinking about gut health all wrong? Many are still relying on quick fixes and “cure-alls”, as opposed to helping the gut flourish naturally. There’s one popular “quick fix” that is now coming under some scrutiny. Yes, we’re talking about probiotic supplements.

Probiotics have become wildly popular worldwide, based on the idea that keeping the inner ecosystem of the gut healthy and balanced helps bring health to the entire body. Current dogma would have you believe simply supplementing your body with thousands of strains of bacteria will make your body work the way it’s supposed to.

However, this leaves out an important piece of knowledge: probiotics don’t provide what your gut needs to be healthy and balanced.

When taking a probiotic supplement, you’re taking in only a few species of bacteria. Your body needs countless species of not only bacteria, but fungi, viruses, and yeast that all work together with your human cells to keep your gut happy and functioning properly, which has massive health benefits for the entire body. Adding in thousands of strains of just a few species of bacteria, whether that bacteria is “beneficial” or not, disrupts that balance.

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The Latest Science

A study published earlier this year in Cell showed that after having their gut microbiomes devastated by antibiotics, it took longer for subjects taking probiotics to recover their gut bacteria than for those who did not take probiotics at all. Another study from the same team of scientists found that many people’s digestive tracts rejected generic probiotics entirely, before they’d even had a chance to work. Again, nature seems to be saying “overall health can’t be grown in a lab”.

RESTORE doesn’t contain any bacteria and is unlike any other supplement. We look to ancient soil for answers; to a time before pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics, when the soil was rich with microscopic life. RESTORE provides the body with lost communication molecules that keep the microbiome constantly chatting with human cells to make sure the gut is functioning at its best.

When it comes to what’s best for your own health, always trust your gut (pun super intended)! Even as science progresses, it still seems that the simplest and best remedies can be found in nature. A prescription or a medicinal cure-all for your health doesn’t exist, not even from us. Get outside and immerse yourself in the environment, eat seasonally, move as often as possible, get natural probiotics from fermented foods, and stay hydrated. These things, simple as they are, will have the most profound impacts on your health.

RESTORE helps ensure that the steps you take towards a healthy gut and healthy life have a chance to pay off.

Go beyond probiotics and thrive the way Mother Nature intended.