If you’re coughing, sneezing, or straining to see past itchy eyelids while reading this, you’re likely one of the tens of millions who suffer from debilitating allergies. All around the world, allergies of all types are on the rise. Some only suffer seasonally, but allergy season starts earlier every year. A logical conclusion is that earlier springs bring earlier and harsher symptoms, but does that miss the bigger (microscopic) picture? Can the field of microbiome science hold the key to relief from inflammatory conditions like allergies? Science is showing it can, and we’ve got 2 easy tips to help find relief from within! 

The Best Immune Support is Inside You 

An early spring can bring on early allergies, but what many people don’t know is that the root cause of allergies lies in the gut. The gut lining, extending from the sinuses through the entire digestive tract, is an intelligent membrane that protects 80% of the body’s immune system from attack. Debilitating seasonal symptoms worsening to year-round symptoms, or altogether new allergies, are signs of an immune system under constant assault. The gut lining depends on constant communication with the microbiome – bacteria, yeasts, fungi, parasites, and viruses that live in and on the body – to defend against immune triggers like allergens. When working properly, the delicate gut lining can support the immune system and protect the entire body from inflammation.  

What Makes the Gut Lining Stop Working Properly?  

The chemicals present in our air, water, and food supply are a major culprit. Glyphosate, the most widely-used herbicide in the world, actually breaks the cells of the gut lining apart, and gluten damages the gut lining in a similar way. When the gut lining is compromised, an overload of inflammatory triggers immediately floods the immune system. When the exhausted immune system can no longer keep up, the allergies become chronic, with no end in sight. So, what’s the secret to finding natural relief? Building a healthy and strong microbiome defense system is the best place to start. 

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Build a Healthy Microbiome (hint: it’s simpler than you think) 

Just like the massive diversity of life in a coral reef, the gut is a vibrant ecosystem of countless microbes. The ecosystem thrives when there is broad diversity of life that constantly communicates. Here are two effective habits you can try today to help diversify your own microbiome!  

Get Dirty 

Modern culture is almost entirely disconnected from nature. A tablespoon of healthy soil contains more microbial life than there are people who have ever existed, and most days we may never touch that rich microbiome. Standing with your feet touching the earth just a few minutes a day will help reintroduce microbiome to your body. Don’t be afraid of a little dirt! 

Feed the Bugs 

Feed your microbiome well and it will help defend you from within. This doesn’t mean popping a probiotic! Eat as diverse a mix of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole foods as possible for every single meal to promote biodiversity in the gut. We’ve got a whole library of microbiome-friendly recipes to help get you started, and they’re all delicious, too! 

Want other easy tips for keeping your microbiome happy? We’ve got plenty.  

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