From the moment we take our very first breath, to that day when we take our last, breathing often gets taken for granted, yet it is the foundation of Life itself. We at Biomic Sciences decided to make RESTORE available for you as the optimal mineral wash for breathing in today’s world. Experience clean breathing!

How many breaths do you take each day? Children in general breathe more rapidly — newborn babies can breathe 30-60 times per minute, toddlers 20-30 times, older children and adults, when resting, usually breathe about 12-20 times per minute. Over the course of a day, that adds up to 17,000-30,000 breaths per day — or more! When you exercise — or even walk around the house or school — it’s possible you might breathe 50,000 times per day.


Welcome RESTORE Sinus Spray — Spring Cleaning for Your Nose!

RESTORE’s new ultra-fine mist Sinus Spray is designed to help you cleanse, soothe, and hydrate the delicate membranes lining your nasal passages, which are your first line of defense. Start your daily beauty and hygiene regimen by gently flushing your sinuses with RESTORE’s proprietary blend of minerals suspended in purified water.

It’s the perfect rinse for the dust, pollen, and other airborne particulates and irritants we are exposed to in our daily environment. The ancient Earth minerals in RESTORE are non-habit-forming, preservative-free, and gluten and BPA-free. RESTORE is safer than a breath of fresh air!

Breathe in the beauty all around us by first rinsing out the dirt – beauty starts with clean!

Clean up your head by making 8 of those 50,000 breaths include RESTORE (each 1-ounce bottle contains 75 4-spray uses).

Is SPRING in the air – or is that DUST??


Fun Facts About Dust

  • Homes have always been dusty! The first vacuum cleaner, the “Puffing Billy,” was invented in 1901. This vacuum was horse drawn, had to be parked outside, and ran on petrol.
  • The average person creates 1/3 ounce of dead skin each week, about 1.6 pounds per year.
  • While that 1.6 pounds doesn’t seem like much, the average home in the US collects 40 pounds of dust each year. It’s a combination of pollen, hair, textile fibers, paper fibers, soil minerals, and cosmic dust particles.
  • Depending on how small the particle is, dust can stay suspended in the air for up to five days.
  • The Sahara Desert is the largest source of dust on Earth. Additionally, each year the Earth gains about 40,000 tons of cosmic dust from space in the form of micrometeorites.

Biomic Sciences is not marketing RESTORE Sinus Spray as a supplement because of the FDA regulations for the delivery mechanism (nasal spray). We are marketing RESTORE Sinus Spray as simply a “cosmetic.”

Hydrate and breathe clear with RESTORE’s new Sinus Spray!

Spray – Soothe – Exhale