Gut health news is making big headlines these days, with multiple studies conducted at prestigious universities underscoring the fundamental link between gut health and a host of illnesses. All these studies share a common premise: To be well, one must have a healthy gut.


gut health news“Approaches to studying and manipulating the enteric microbiome to improve autism symptoms,” Microbial Ecology in Health & Disease 2015, Vol 26 Article on Health of the Microbiome

May 3, 2015 Great Gut Extinction: Has modern life destroyed our health? International team of scientist study on gut health
BBC – Article findings support the belief that modern Western diets – which are high in fat and sugar and low in fiber – are bad for us.A two-week diet swap experiment hints at just how damaging a Western diet might be to our guts.

Articles in this special issue of Gastroenterology evaluate immunology, biological mechanisms and clinical studies of foods and food-related diseases for all the major topic areas, including food allergies, celiac disease, non-celiac wheat sensitivity, carbohydrate (FODMAP) intolerance in relation to irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, obesity and brain-gut interactions.
PUBLIC RELEASE: 27-APR-2015 Gastroenterology Special Issue confirms: You are what you eat

Study Suggests Diet Soda May Lead To Belly Fat. Critics Aren’t So Sure.

Changes in gut microbiota appear to be associated with the onset of type 1 diabetes, according to findings published in Cell, Host & Microbe.

World’s number one herbicide ‘Glyphosate’ is now found in breast milk of women across America:

Among gut microbes, strains, not just species, matter
First large-scale analysis completed of intra-species genetic variation in the gut’s resident organisms

Could Balancing Our Gut Bacteria Be the Key to Unlocking RA?

Immune System Reset May Halt Multiple Sclerosis Progression

Immune System Promotes Digestive Health by Fostering Community of “Good” Gut Bacteria

One Scientist’s Race to Help Microbes Help You

Gut Health News: A Registered Dietitian’s Tips for Improving Gut Health

Gut Health Linked to Lower MS Risk in Women

How the Body Maintains a Healthy Balance of Good Gut Bacteria

Yeast-devouring Gut Bacterium May Provide New Crohn’s Treatments

Swedish study proves that a gluten free diet is slow to improve the gut function of celiac disease patients with persistent issues of nutrient absorption a year out from diet changes! Even in CD patients that have been off gluten for many years, symptoms of gluten sensitivity persist!

Gut Health News: Arthritis Tied to Gut Bacteria