To all of our RESTORE family, both current and future, we think it’s high time we address something that many of you may not be fully aware of: dietary supplement regulations. But first we really want to take a minute to say thank you!

The GRATITUDE we at RESTORE have for all of the stories you have shared over the years about how RESTORE has helped transform your health cannot be overstated. We LOVE being on this journey with all of you and it’s such a big part of why we do what we do! Every member of our team gets so much satisfaction knowing all the good that RESTORE is doing. If it was up to us, we would share every single one of your testimonials with the world.

Here’s the rub. Compliance is also very importance to us; compliance with the FDA dietary supplement guidelines as well as FTC regulations. And in accordance with those entities, we are expressly forbidden from doing several things. For instance:

We cannot make health claims.

We cannot give advice on health issues.

We cannot speak to any conditions or diseases that you may be struggling with.

We cannot post testimonials on our website that discuss anything remotely connected to a disease state or chronic health issue.

We cannot even acknowledge social media testimonials that speak to health improvements, benefits, etc.

While these regulations can be a hinderance in many circumstances, they are a necessary part of being on this journey, and we fully support and recognize their value. As long as they are in place, we will follow them to the letter.

What you can do:

-Honestly, what you can do is not limited by any regulations. Your stories, your voice, and your impact are all limitless. We encourage you to use them as often as possible.

-Share your stories on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere you feel comfortable.

While we cannot acknowledge anything that relates RESTORE to disease states or chronic health issues, know that we are always reading your testimonials with huge smiles on our faces (we’re suckers for tales of personal growth and wellness over here).

-Keep sending us your stories directly.

We cannot post anything non-compliant on our website, but we can (and will) continue to read them at our weekly team meetings, which is honestly every team member’s favorite part anyways!

-Talk to your friends and family.

All of our loved ones should know the endless benefits of RESTORE; spread the word in any way you see fit!