With kids back to school and the RESTORE Outside Summer Series a fond memory, let’s welcome Fall 2017 like a breath of fresh air!! We’ve put together a short list of great ways to make being in your home seem, well, more like being outside.

As you shift gears into fall this month, allow Nature to continue nurturing you from the outside, in! These simple tips on how to incorporate the elements of the outdoors in your home and office can help boost your physical and mental health.

Fresh Air – Think about your day. It’s common to remain inside throughout the day; whether in your home, car, office, gym, or store. We allocate very little time in our busy, daily routine to being outside. Did you know that indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air? If you can’t get outside daily, try bringing the outdoors in by opening your windows for at least five to ten minutes per day to help decrease indoor air pollution.  Learn more from Dr. Mercola on indoor air contaminants.

Indoor Plants – Studies done on the benefits of houseplants have shown improved air quality and increased mood and concentration. Our Team also recognizes the microbial benefits of getting your hands dirty when potting and caring for your plants. As your plants treat your body kindly, treat your plants kindly with a little RESTORE (a teaspoon added to water goes a long way!). Some plants, such as the Peace Lily, are popular for helping to remove indoor air pollution.  Talk to your local nursery for more tips on the best indoor plants & soil for your home and office spaces.

Himalayan Salt Lamps – Negative ions have a positive impact! Like being at the beach or sitting by a waterfall, Himalayan salt lamps improve your energy by generating negative ions. A Columbia University study showed the remission of patients’ symptoms suffering from seasonal and chronic depression when treated with high density Negative Ion Therapy. With the increase in electronic devices in our homes and offices, it is more important now than ever to neutralize the air. Electronics promote positive ions that have a negative impact on our health. Incorporating salt lamps around your home, especially in rooms with electronics, may help to bring back balance.  Find more information on the health benefits of salt lamps.

Sunlight – The sun is the source of all life.  Phototherapy has the power to help regulate & boost our mood, synthesize vitamin D, and lower cholesterol.  Many of us can benefit from a little extra help with our mood during the change of seasons — we encourage you to draw open the curtains, wipe your windows clean, and let the light in!