THANK YOU MOMS for all the hard work you do to provide your kids with the best and healthiest choices possible. Our Restore team is packed with amazing moms, who teach their kids to use Restore daily as their first line of defense. Keep your kids’ spirits free and their bellies happy with these quick and easy Mom Hacks, to pave a healthy path towards complete well-being!

1. Create a Healthy Habit! Help your kiddos create a GOOD habit they can manage! Place a bottle of Restore right by their toothbrush … a sure-fire way to give them the chance to exercise responsibility by being good to their gut, by starting the morning off with their first teaspoon of gut defense after they brush their beautiful chompers! Also, a great evening reminder if they forgot to take their Restore before dinner. This helps lessen the exhausting “Mom-nag” too!

2. Food Prep = Gut Prep! Keep a bottle of Restore on the counter as a reminder to prepare your gut as you prepare your food! Going out to eat? Have a Restore travel bottle handy in your purse, to pass around the table as you browse the menu at your favorite restaurant!

3. Rise & Shine! Keep a 3oz travel or 8oz bottle of Restore on your bedside table (or on your kiddos’ nightstand). Start each morning off with your first teaspoon of gut protection. Quick, easy, & a healthy way to start off the day!

4. Adventurous Rascals? Transfer Restore into spray bottles to keep in your purse & medicine cabinet for cleansing all the inevitable scrapes, cuts, bug bites, and rashes that come along with playing outside!

5. Empty Nest? We know how much your love extends beyond your home and into your loved ones’. Sign your family up for our Restore & Repeat subscription service as a loving mom “token” that automatically shows up at their front door.

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