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Ten Healthy Swaps

With 2018 in full swing, your New Year’s resolutions may have already been thrown out the window. A solid two weeks is good, right? Resolutions are often so extreme they are also unsustainable. Setting small achievable and realistic goals will aid in health maintenance and success in your goals at any time of the year!

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Cacao Coconut Bites

When a food is both healthy and tasty, it tops the charts! And chocolate, often praised for its antioxidant properties, can fit that description to a T. But be careful: while all chocolate is derived from the cacao plant, it is not all created equal. Cocoa powder, […]

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Figgy Pecan Energy Bars

Navigating the energy bar aisle at the grocery store is both challenging and time-consuming (and I’m a dietitian). I can spend a solid 30 minutes reading nutrition fact labels and ingredient lists to compare my best options. If time permits, my favorite option is homemade energy bars. […]

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Mediterranean Tofu Scramble

Yes, tofu can be a scary food! It is packed in water and the texture may be unfamiliar to cook with. Don’t let this stop you from trying it at home. Tofu is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and iron. And if you follow a dairy-free […]

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Meet Lead Author of Team RESTORE’s New Recipe Blog, Katie Casto Hynes!

New Team member Katie Casto Hynes Katie is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Sports Nutritionist. A former Division I collegiate field hockey player turned competitive 2:48 marathoner, her passion for fueling the body with healthy foods inspired her to change careers and enter this field.

She received […]

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