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About Team RESTORE

With 50+ years of combined research and clinical experience from the world’s leading institutions, the doctors and scientists at Biomic Sciences, LLC bring to market a unique dietary supplement, and other health products, designed to promote optimal health and well-being – especially gut health – for everyone.

What is a good gut?

We are not talking about a slim waist – ripped abs – or a happy and sufficient “beer belly.”

GUT includes the organs of digestion and GUT LINING, a mega-membrane which extends from the nasal and sinus passages all the way through the body to […]

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Winter Season… Connecting with Stillness…

The first week of November marks the change of seasonal energies from fall to winter. The peak of winter occurs on the shortest day of the year, which is associated with midnight and rebirth, the Winter Solstice.

In Chinese medicine, the time of cold and snow is also […]

By |December 7th, 2017|Gut Reaction|

An Attitude of Gratitude

Turn your attention to your posture before beginning to read. Are your shoulders slumped, your back hunched, or your head tilted forward? Hours of sitting over a computer teach the body to slouch. Sit up, straighten your spine, and draw your shoulders back. This good posture may relieve […]

By |November 21st, 2017|Gut Reaction|

Prosper with Your Pet

Pet ownership comes with responsibilities. From good food to warm baths and regular exercise, our cats and dogs depend on our support to stay happy and healthy. The symbiosis does not stop there. Our pets support our health, too. It will come as no surprise that they […]

By |November 17th, 2017|Gut Reaction|

Pumpkin Kefir Smoothie

Autumn is officially here and in full swing! That means crisper weather, falling leaves, and changing colors. But let’s face it, what it really means is pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING! And while fall is a great time to enjoy warm, hearty foods, it’s also a time when we tend […]

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RESTORE Magic Dirt Water for Kids Now Available!


Biomic Sciences, LLC, Makers of RESTORE,


Brings you a NEW kid-friendly and fun packaging on our popular 8-oz size,


Here on, […]

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This Fall, Bring the Outside In!

With kids back to school and the RESTORE Outside Summer Series a fond memory, let’s welcome Fall 2017 like a breath of fresh air!! We’ve put together a short list of great ways to make being in your home seem, well, more like being outside.

As you shift […]

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Sinus Season… It’s a Good Thing…

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a time-honored system based on keen observation of the cycles of nature and their relationship to the human being. Each major organ system is associated with a time of year, an energy transformation, and a function which extends beyond physiology into the domain […]

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Hydration & RESTORE

In keeping with our “RESTORE Outside” Summer Series, we are focused this August on HYDRATION.

Take our RESTORE Hydration Quiz and see what you know about this major human function:

TRUE or FALSE (answers below … wait for it!!)

1) The human body is composed of approximately 80% […]

By |August 16th, 2017|Gut Reaction|

Wild Fermented Foods

As we all know how breathing outside, in different natural environments, can contribute important diversity to your gut microbiome and promote gut health, we also know that for millennia, cultures around the world have used fermentation to preserve foods and to promote gut health as well. In keeping with our Outside Summer theme for the […]

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