Learn how to help yourself and others restore Natural Rhythmic Breathing.

The golden rule of breath hygiene is: ”CLOSE YOUR MOUTH and BREATHE ONLY THROUGH YOUR NOSE.”

If this is difficult for you even with mild exertion, read on. At the end of the article, you will learn a simple breathing technique to decongest the nose in under 10 minutes.

Why Nose Breathing ONLY?

Our nasal passage is carefully designed, in form and function, to optimize and balance breathing in several ways.

Highlights of nasal breathing:

  • Warms and moistens air
  • Regulates proper volume of air for gaseous exchange, pH balance, and oxygen supply to vital organs, and allows nitric oxide (nature’s antibiotic) to fill the air passages
  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system so you can relax, and even helps teeth and gums
  • Filters 75% of germs, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, pollutants, etc.

Did you know that with Nasal Breathing, dust mites can be removed in 15 minutes, but with mouth breathing, mites remain for 60-120 days?

You want to avoid Mouth Breathing because it leads to Over Breathing.

Over breathers experience one or many of these:

  • Chronic stress, where the rate of injury exceeds the rate of repair
  • Breathe through their mouth
  • Sigh regularly
  • Sneeze explosively, sniff, snort, snore
  • Have poor sleep quality
  • Have reduced oxygen to tissues and organs
  • Yawn with big breath
  • Take a large breath prior to talking
  • Talk a lot professionally and/ or habitually

And now for your participation in The Better Breathing Breakthrough!

How to unblock the nose in under 10 minutes

One of the secrets that makes this exercise so effective is its ability to stimulate nitric oxide release from the membranes, nature’s antibiotic!

Follow this relaxing and simple breathing technique:

    1. Sit up straight
    2. Mist with Restore Sinus Spray
    3. Breathe gently in through the nose
      *If your nose is quite blocked, take a tiny breath in through the corner of your mouth
    4. Breathe gently out through the nose as best you can
    5. Pinch nose with fingers to hold breath at the end of the exhale
    6. Hold breath for as long as possible until the first impulse to breathe in, then tell yourself, all is well, I have enough oxygen; now breathe in gently, calmly
    7. Release nose and resume gentle in-breath through the nose
    8. Return to calm breathing within the next few breaths
    9. Wait a half minute to one minute, if necessary, before repeating

Repeat six times or until the nose is unblocked. For most this is in less than 10 minutes.

*Optional: Sway or nod your head as a distraction while holding the nose

For more in-depth information and additional techniques, please go to the following link:
www.buteykoclinic.com – Patrick McKeown

Follow your physician’s advice before attempting this exercise.