Can I Use RESTORE During Pregnancy?

We get this question all the time. We are so glad to hear that our pregnant customers are looking to continue supporting their gut-brain health during their pregnancy! It’s important to be consistent when you’re building your defenses against our chemical planet, and taking RESTORE consistently is the best way to maintain those internal defenses.

RESTORE is great for every gut, including baby gut! As with any dietary supplement, if you are pregnant or nursing, consult a health care professional before using RESTORE.

Team RESTORE has gathered 5 tips, specifically for making the most use of RESTORE during and after your pregnancy.

1. Start Small

The most common side effect of starting on RESTORE can be bloating and/or constipation, pregnant or not. If those symptoms develop, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. Stepping down your dosage to even just a few drops a day can help you determine your tolerance, then you’ll be able to slowly build up to the recommended daily usage of one teaspoon, three times daily.

Some people have found that they’re very sensitive to RESTORE and never build up to the recommended amounts, and that’s fine too! As long as you’re continuing to take it, you’re maintaining your defenses against glyphosate and other environmental irritants.

2. Stay Hydrated!

Hydration is about more than just drinking water. It’s about getting water inside your cells. Taking RESTORE supports the tight junctions (Velcro-like proteins that hold your cells together) and promotes the movement of water from within your gut into the cells of your body.

Making sure you’re getting enough water is one thing (The Institute of Medicine recommends 2.7 liters or 91 ounces per day for women) but making sure your cells can absorb the water you intake will help ensure you’re actually staying hydrated.

3. Eat Well

The nutritional recommendations for pregnant women are not that different from general healthy eating recommendations: lots of fruits and vegetables, high fiber, whole grains, and good quality proteins. However, there are several nutrients that pregnant women should get more of, including protein, iron, folate, omega 3, fiber, calcium, and vitamin D.

It may at first seem daunting to get all these extra nutrients, and there may be times during your pregnancy that you are not feeling up to eating. However, by making meals and snacks a priority and focusing on eating nutrient dense foods, it will be much easier to attain.

Aim to include some type of protein, an unprocessed carbohydrate (such as potatoes, quinoa, oats, or legumes), healthy fats, and lots of fruits and vegetables (especially dark leafy greens which are a good source of folate, iron, and calcium) at every meal.

Paying attention to your own body’s tolerance of RESTORE, staying hydrated, and eating well are the most important parts of supporting your gut-brain health during your pregnancy. But what about when Baby arrives?

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4. Newborns and RESTORE

Congratulations, new mommy! Another very common question we receive is about whether or not RESTORE is safe for newborns.

The answer: Yes!

Just like we recommend for adults, starting with a small dose can help to determine tolerance. For newborns up to 28 days, and even up until 12 months, a drop or two under the tongue is enough to help support a healthy little gut.

When your little one reaches age 2, building up to a higher dosage is suitable. We recommend ¼ teaspoon, three times per day, before or with meals.

5. Breastfeeding and RESTORE

Dr. Zach Bush recommends, for new mothers who are lactating, to coat the nipple with RESTORE prior to breastfeeding to help insulate against glyphosate in the breast milk.

Unfortunately, glyphosate is so prevalent in our environment that it has been found in the rain, the air, and even in the breast milk of mothers in the United States.

For more information, here’s a study from Moms Across America on glyphosate in breast milk.

Best in health to all of you from Team RESTORE as you prepare your hearts and homes for beautiful babies soon to join us in the world! We’re sending love and gratitude your way!