Saving the world seems like a tall order for a New Year’s resolution. If millions of people can’t even keep their resolutions to lose a few pounds, it must take a uniquely driven person like Bill Gates or Elon Musk to drive measurable change, right?  

Well, while Gates and Musk use their passion and hard work to inspire others to join them in working tirelessly for their various causes, there is infinitely more potential at your combined fingertips.  

What’s the real secret to saving the world?

Crassly put, your wallet… 

How you spend your money is what makes all the difference. Take a quick look around your home. Where did the food in your pantry come from? Do you know how it was grown and produced? Do you know if toxic chemicals were used as part of its production? Is the food you give your pets really giving them the nutrition they need? How about your closet; do you know what your clothing is made from or how it was made? If you use cosmetics, do you know what you’re putting on your skin?  

Looking into the source of all your food and household goods may seem like an enormous task, but start small. Focus on something that really concerns you and that is manageable. Maybe cutting out straws is something that seems like an easy initial change. Or using a local, organic source for one specific type of meat. You don’t have to completely change your lifestyle overnight to make a difference in the world. Just taking that first initial step is everything.  

We’ve all heard the clichés: “if every one of you just put one dollar towards this problem, we’d solve it in no time!”, or “for the price of one cup of coffee a day…”. But as you look around your home, just imagine the power that you hold with each product you choose to buy, products that you were going to buy anyways. What are the long-term benefits of saving a buck on a discount product when your individual household choices could make you and your family healthier and happier, not to mention the global impact?  

Our Resolution

It’s our resolution every year at RESTORE to find root-cause solutions to the world’s biggest problems, and 2019 will be no different. With staggering statistics on how sick humans have become over the past 20 years (46% of children today are diagnosed with a chronic illness compared to only 4% of the entire population in the 1960s), we’re getting behind the Farmer’s Footprint movement, which is aimed at the root cause: healing the soil our food is grown in.  

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This year, forget the fad diets or gym memberships for once. It’s simple to get and stay healthy: eat whole, organic food, get outside as often as possible, and move as much as you can. The biggest way you can make a lasting, measurable impact on the world and your health is by conscientiously choosing where you spend your hard-earned money. As 2019 approaches, we choose to walk lightly on this earth.

Will you?